Disney Renames Boba Fett’s Ship to Something ‘Woke’ to Appease ‘Wokies’

In a galaxy far far away, maybe this is normal. But for now, this is becoming a sick joke as wokeism is starting to take over America and the world.

Disney has officially changed the name of Boba Fett’s classic spaceship to smoothing more politically correct. You know, because folks are sitting around thinking of how a fictional space bounty hunter’s ship’s name offends them.

According to the pop culture outlet Bounding Into Comics, Slave 1, the ship that has been in the series since 1980, has received its new name. The name certainly seems as though it has much less potential for offending people, but I’m shocked that a fictional space bounty hunter was offending anyone to begin with.

The ships new name is now “Firespray.” I mean, I guess that’s cool if I’m a 7-year-old trying to come up with a name for my drawing.

So I know what you’re thinking, what’s wrong with Slave 1? I mean after all he’s a space aged villain and bounty hunter who captures and enslaves people, right?

Unfortunately for the Wokies, (Not to be confused with Wookies, because I don’t want to offend that crowd) any name that makes reference to historical pain for African Americans and other enslaved indigenous people like the Irish cannot be used in pop culture. Was I allowed to use the Irish? I’m sure the PC crowd will hate it that I spoiled the beans that they were one of the most enslaved groups in history.

Should I also mention that the word “slave” in the Star Wars universe doesn’t reference any sort of aggrieved people in our universe’s history?

We’re cool with “FireSpray” though, I mean after all fire hasn’t killed many people in history, right? I mean is Disney okay with that? Shouldn’t the woke crowd be researching how many people fire kills yearly around the world and throughout history?

What are your thoughts America? Did we leave out anything that might offend you in this new name change?

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