DISGUSTING: Mob Jumps Dallas Man Defending Bar, Puts Him in Hospital (VIDEO)

Another disgusting example of a mob of rioters attacking a man who was trying to defend one of his favorite bars from the mob of looters and thugs.

The man said he went and got a machete out of his car because the night before rioters burned down Deep Ellum in Dallas, and he wasn’t going to let them burn down another one of his favorite establishments.

His favorite barbershop High and Tight was destroyed, and he fears they will never reopen. This was his reasoning for defending himself and his bar Billy Can Can.

I am leaving this gentlemen’s name out of this because he is currently receiving death threats from the leftist mob who think he had no right to defend himself against the thugs who did this to him.

Watch the video below, Graphic Warning it’s very disturbing.

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1 year ago

Thank you for your service. God bless you and your family.