DISGUSTING! 3 Miscreants Arrested in Portland After Defacing War Memorial & Statue (VIDEO)

Three people have been arrested in Portland, Oregon after destroying a veterans war memorial and spray painting “F*ck the USA” on the base of the memorial during moronic Thanksgiving day riots. These aren’t protests, and we at The DC Patriot refuse to call them as such. When you destroy property, it’s no longer a protest, it’s a riot.

Nicole Noriega, Chester Hester and Bailey Willack (L to R) were arrested and booked by police officers in Portland for defacing and destroying the statue.

This is just yet another example of leftists using violence and anarchy to push a socialist, Marxist agenda in America.

This is a developing story, more arrests may be made we are told by sources on the ground in Portland for this despicable act.

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