DISASTER: Joe Biden Repeatedly Apologizes for Repeating Himself, Gets Confused, Then Does it Again (VIDEO)

On Tuesday at the climate change conference with the Worlds’ leaders, President Joe Biden again proved what a complete and total disaster he is as President.

Biden apologized for repeating himself and then lost his train of thought and repeated himself again in the same segment of words.

“As you keep hearing me say and I apologize, building out our climate infrastructure can and should help drive a sustainable economic recovery. From the first meeting we had I, I apologize for the repetition. When I look at climate and dealing with climate change and I see jobs. Good jobs. Economic development and movement that’s what I see.”

Biden would then utter the same words again.

And finally, you keep hearing me say it, but uh uh um…” Biden said as he got extremely confused. “Building out the climate in in infrastructure should drive sustainable economic recovery.”


The dumpster fire continues America..

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10 months ago

Laura Ingraham had a pretty good collection of him flubbing his words repeatedly at that conference.
It was said the attendees were were shocked.