Digging Deeper Into Hunter Biden’s Racist Text Messages, Imagine if He Were Don Trump Jr…

Hunter Biden’s racist text messages have been revealed, and we’ve seen them in full display, the irony or the hypocrisy, take your pic America.

These of course were released just after Joe Biden lectured Americans on Racism in Tulsa. You literally can’t make up this level of idiocy.

Hunter Biden used anti-Black racial slurs and accidentally sent an explicit picture when text with his attorney back in 2018, according to a report, and well quite frankly according to the text messages that you can look at. You don’t need a report folks, you can actually look at them.

Shouldn’t Joe Biden get his own house in order before calling the majority of America racist?

Systemic racism is an absolute farce, a joke, a pathetic excuse if you will. Anyone with common sense and a functioning brain knows this. It’s nothing more than something the Democrats and the media continue to use as a tool against those that refuse to buy into their Marxist and Socialist propaganda.

Let me ask you this though, would you expect anything different from the Biden family?

“Folks, we can’t — we must not give hate a safe harbor,” Biden said in Tulsa while commemorating the centennial of the city’s darkest day in 1921, ABC News reported.

“Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today — not ISIS, not al-Qaida, white supremacists.”

While Metamucil Joe was blasting and smearing the entire country as a racist and desolate land of suck on the anniversary of one of the most deadly acts of violence in American history, his son’s laptop.. You know, the one that no one has seen, was whispering sweet nothings about Hunter Biden’s fondness and endearment of speaking in ebonics and using the N-word, The Daily Mail reported.

“How much money do I owe you … n**** you better not be charging me Hennessy rates,” Hunter Biden reportedly wrote in a text to his attorney on Dec. 13, 2018. According to messages provided by the outlet, Hunter clarified that he had “just made up that phrase” when referring to the “Hennessy rate.”

Hennessy, for those that don’t know, is an fairly expensive brand of cognac variety of brandy, and is often negatively connected to Black American culture. The lawyer, Mesires is said to have been charging the darling son $845 per hour.

Hunter Biden didn’t stop there like you would think. He used language that Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre would have been proud of on an album dropping in the late nineties. But of course he can do this right, he’s after all the son of a high profile Democrat politician.

Per the messages obtained by the Mail, the pair continued to text. Hunter Biden reportedly berated the attorney over his “lineage,” and at one point wrote: “That’s what [I’m] saying ni –.”

The son of the then-former vice president went on to send Mesires what the Daily Mail said was a sexually explicit image, apparently of himself. He quickly apologized. Apparently, George Mesires’ first name was mixed up with a woman in Hunter’s phone with whom he felt comfortable sending such images to.

“Why are you so tan?” Mesires asked, according to the Mail.

“I’m sorry for sexting you accidentally that was meant for another friend named Georgia,” Hunter fired back in a message the outlet reported was confirmed to have come from the then-48-year-old.

The Mail also shared another text message exchange in which Hunter Biden reportedly discussed his genitals and again used a racial slur. In January 2019, Mesires appeared to message Hunter Biden that he could turn to him and God for “unconditional love.” That’s when Hunter Biden responded with a comment about his private parts, according to the Mail.

“And I only love you because you’re black,” he reportedly said.

“It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity,” Mesires, who is a white man, responded, according to the outlet.

The explicit conversation ended when Hunter reportedly sent the message: “True dat n****. But I’m done my rant.”

All of this literally happened a day after the Golden Boy’s father President Joe Biden returned from chastising Americans on how racist they are in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Are there any pictures of Hunter Biden floating around at a Cracker Barrel? I’d love to see what he has to say about good home cooking near an interstate.

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