Did the FBI Take Documents Relating to Seth Rich During the Mar-a-Lago Raid of President Trump’s Home?

By now you’ve heard about the raid on the home of the 45th President of the United States, Donald John Trump. Many folks wonder what exactly was the FBI looking for at his home, and most don’t believe for one second that it was nuclear secrets sitting in a locked closet.

Today the Department of Justice released yet another massive dump of documents that were taken during the FBI’s raid of the former President’s home, redacted to hell and back of course. This should shock no one, the American people haven’t been able to get the truth out of their government since before the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

The Justice Department also submitted an affidavit indicating that the new inventory fully reflects what was taken. The special master, Judge Raymond Dearie, had requested the affidavit after Trump claimed the agency may have planted items during the raid last month, according to CNN.

“I am not aware of any documents or materials seized from the Premises on that date by the FBI that are not reflected in the Revised Detailed Property Inventory, other than materials that the Privilege Review Team has not provided to the Case Team,” an FBI agent, whose identity was redacted, wrote in the new affidavit.

The comparison between the two inventories showed that the latest version has two fewer press clippings and two fewer empty envelopes with classified banners than the previous version.

The new inventory also has a few dozen more government records without classified markings but otherwise had the same number of documents marked classified in the previous inventory, according to The Washington Examiner.

Trump’s team has until September 30 to submit a declaration on a number of key issues to the special master, including what appeared to be a reference to suggestions by Trump allies that some of the evidence the FBI had seized was somehow planted.

“This submission shall be [Trump’s] final opportunity to raise any factual dispute as to the completeness and accuracy of the Detailed Property Inventory,” Dearie said.

But let’s talk about what they really might have been after, shall we? Remember back in November 2018 when President Trump was all about releasing the assassination documents of President John F. Kennedy? Then all of a sudden after the alphabet agencies through a fit like a toddler in a topless bar, Trump all of a sudden decided to not release some of the information.

The Trump Administration decided to withhold some material in achieve for extra review at the request of multiple government agencies. But why? It’s been almost 60 years. The American public couldn’t hear it but Trump wanted to release it and was intrigued by it.

Did Trump also have classified documents on the unsolved murder of Seth Rich? Remember the FBI back in several years ago claimed they never had possession of Seth Rich’s laptop. That’s now been proven a massive lie, and multiple documents released by Conservative attorneys Ty Clevenger and Eden Quainton representing our own Matt Couch and others has proven this was a lie by the Department of Justice.

Did Trump possibly have documents on who killed Seth Rich at Mar-a-Lago that the FBI took? What other information could he have had to things that could bring the house of cards down that he declassified that they don’t want him to have?

Remember, if they get those documents back they could have the current pretender in chief, President Joe Biden reclassify them. Yes, that’s actually a thing. Could this be what the Department of Justice, Biden Administration, and the alphabet agencies were actually up to at Mar-a-Lago?

We don’t know, but they’ve put our team at The DC Patriot through the lawsuit ringer because we dig and strive for reporting the truth. We think there’s some smoke to this, and with smoke, there’s often fire. What are your thoughts America?

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