Devin Nunes Scorches Adam Schiff in Opening Impeachment Hearing Remarks (VIDEO)

Devin Nunes is one of the main enemies that the left has their radar on. Today’s opening remarks in the Impeachment sham is one of the reasons why. He scorched them.

He mainly took his aim at Chairman Adam Schiff.

“By undermining the President, who they are supposed to be serving, the FBI, DOJ & State Department has lost the confidence of millions of Americans. This spectacle is doing great damage to our country. This is an impeachment process in search of a crime!” -Rep Devin Nunes

Then Nunes dropped this bomb on the media and the left.

“This is a televised theatrical performance staged by the Dems.” – “Amb. Taylor & Mr. Kent, the main performance – the Russia hoax – has ended & you have been cast in a low rent Ukrainian sequel”

  • – Dems have a long habit of accusing Republicans of offenses they are committing.
  • – Dems colluded w/ Russians by spreading Steele dossier
  • – Dems meddled in Ukrainian election
  • – Dems defend Hunter Biden lavishly position w/ corrupt Ukrainian company

Just a few of Devin Nunes talking points in his opening statement as he annihilated Adam Schiff.

What do you think America? How insane is this Impeachment Sham?

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3 years ago

I watched all of today’s Impeachment Inquiry and it was a Democrat Circus, with Rep Adam Schiff as the head Clown ! There was absolutely no solid evidence offered of any crime or wrong doing. Ambassador Taylor & Assistant Secretary Of State Kent offered an unbelievable litany of 2ns, 3rd & 4th hand Heresay, aka, Gossip. Devin Nunes & Jim Jordan leveled punch after punch ! The Impeachment Inquiry is a waste of Taxpayers money, we have already been out $40 Million for the Russian/Steele Hoax, which was huge lie, enough is enough !