Determined Prayer and Determined Patriotism

America has been infiltrated by conspiracy theories, liars, evil, immorality, and the destruction of the former Democrat party. This destruction has come from two sources – right-wing nut jobs and the now commusocialist party. It has caused distress towards practically every American in the United States. This is a problem that is worth addressing because America is indeed worth fighting for. We need Christians to get off of the benches and onto the battlefield! NOW!

In this episode of A StoneWall’s Perspective Podcast, Alex has the great honor of interviewing an amazing fighter for our country, author, and the host of The Right Side, Doug Billings. He started his show in February of 2020 after having been furloughed from a 23-year human resources executive career in the manufacturing & healthcare industries. Doug saw and experienced, as did all of us, what occurred with the covid shutdowns, and he decided to get involved. Doug was reaching 23,000,000 people on YouTube before his account was nuked. Since starting his show, he has interviewed many great fighters, such as Eric Trump, General Michael Flynn, Clay Clark, Mike Lindell, and many more.

In this episode, Alex and Doug discuss a multitude of topics that Americans have dealt with since former Vice-President Joe Biden was installed into office. Every American has suffered the consequences of this joke of an administration. Although chaos has ensued, America is NOT on its deathbed! We are rather in a nightmare. Luckily, people awake from nightmares, and many are awakening at this very moment to the truth. We have a hope! This hope is in Jesus Christ! This hope is in PATRIOTS fighting for our country with DETERMINED PRAYER and DETERMINED PATRIOTISM. I hope this episode brings YOU greater hope and inspires YOU!

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My name is Alex Stone, and I am 18 years old. I am on a mission to bring the light of the Gospel into every aspect of life.

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