DESPICABLE: Kroger Will Charge Unvaccinated Employees a Monthly Surcharge, and Revoke Some Benefits

The national grocery store chain with more than 2,800 stores and 465,000 workers says that it’s going to discriminate against and go after their unvaccinated employees.

Kroger has announced that it will deny employees certain benefits if they continue to refuse to get the Covid-19 jab in an odd move that comes across as being more about control and money and less about genuine concerns for the safety given that the vaccines’ do not stop the transmission of the virus.

Kroger is Americas biggest supermarket operator with over 2,800 store in the United States, and they have not issued an outright mandate for their workers. Instead they are “modifying policies to encourage safe behaviors including vaccination.” 

The chain sent out a companywide memo announcing that beginning on January 1, 2022 they will take away paid leave for any unvaccinated employees who contract Covid-19. These workers will, however, be allowed to take paid time off that they have already earned. This is unbelievable and tyrannical isn’t it?

In addition, Kroger will require salaried nonunion employees who do not get the vaccine and who are enrolled in Kroger’s health insurance plan to pay a $50 surcharge. Hourly and unionized workers will not have to pay the surcharge.

Meanwhile any employees who are fully vaccinated will be eligible to receive paid COVID leave should they contract a “breakthrough” case.

Kroger’s current benefit, which was put into place before vaccines were widely available, gives any workers who get sick with the virus up to two weeks paid leave of their vaccination status.

“We created and amended several workplace policies at the onset of the pandemic to support our associates during immense uncertainty,” a spokeswoman said in a statement. “The administration of the vaccine to our associates has been an integral part of our efforts and continues to be a focus.”

Kroger employs 465,000 workers in its nearly 2,800 stores throughout the nation. In addition to its Kroger stores, it operates regional supermarket chains across 35 states, including Ralphs, Smith’s, Harris Teeter, King Soopers, QFC, Mariano’s, Fred Meyer, Fry’s and others.

In response to the move, some people have said that they will no longer shop at Kroger or any of its affiliates.

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