DESPERATION: The Clinton’s Are Now Using Groupon to Sell Tickets

Before the Clintons embarked on what had all of the appearances of a warm-up tour for yet another White House run by sore loser Hillary it may have seemed like a grand idea to get some media time as well as to feather their nests with exorbitant ticket prices.

Billed as “An Evening With The Clintons” the curtain went up in Toronto for the first stop of the 13-city series of events and it was immediately apparent that the narcissistic duo of Bill and Hillary had vastly overestimated their appeal and ability to get enough suckers to pony up the big bucks to fill sports arenas.

The disastrous evening at Scotiabank Arena where the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs play their home games was made worse when New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd rubbed salt into the wounds with a column that set off a cacophony of condemnation from the Hillary dead-enders who prowl Twitter in packs and exact a terrible vengeance against any who dare speak ill of one who they still believe will be the nation’s first female president.

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