Desperate Minnesota Democrats Restrict Size Of Trump Rally

In a clear sign that Democrats are starting to get nervous, Minnesota’s top officials made a drastic move to interfere in the election by placing severe restrictions on the size of a planned rally by President Trump. 

According to reports, the attendance for Trump’s rally in Rochester has been downsized to a paltry 250 people after Democrat Governor Tim Walz and rabid socialist Attorney General Keith Ellison intervened. 

Trump has made numerous trips to the battleground state hoping to capitalize on the public revulsion to the ransacking of Minneapolis this summer when the George Floyd video triggered a wave of violent riots and local Dems pushed to dismantle the police. 

The rally was originally expected to draw up to 25,000 attendees before Walz and Ellison’s power play which serves as another example of the exploitation of COVID-19 by authoritarian Democrats to abolish the right to free assembly. 

Via Breitbart News, “Keith Ellison Wields Power to Restrict Freedom of Assembly of Political Opponents at Minnesota Trump Rally”:

The venue for President Donald Trump’s political rally in Minnesota scheduled for Friday will be restricted to only 250 people after Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison put pressure on the business owners of multiple locations.

The rally was initially planned at the Rochester airport, but Ellison’s office demanded a “COVID preparedness plan” from officials from the City of Rochester, Olmsted County, and the Rochester airport, as well as the Republican National Committee to ensure the event was safe.

The event was then moved to Dodge Center, prompting Ellison’s office to ask the Trump campaign and the owner of the building McNeilus Steel for their “COVID Preparedness Plan.”

That prompted the Trump campaign to move the event again, back to the airport.

“Thanks to the free speech-stifling dictates of Gov. Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison, only the first 250 people will be admitted,” the campaign said in a statement sent late Thursday night.

“Without question, Minnesota Democrats had hoped that the President would simply cancel the event, but he will not allow partisan politicians to deprive people of their First Amendment rights to gather peacefully to hear directly from the President of the United States,” the statement continued.

Trump supporters volunteering for the event immediately expressed their outrage on social media when they found out from organizers that the rally location was canceled. Comparisons were made with the large crowds of protesters last summer over the death of George Floyd.

Minnesota has been under the control of the Democrat political machine for decades but is in play this year due to events in Minneapolis and the feckless response by Governor Walz and Mayor Jacob Frey. 

There is also the matter of Rep. Ilhan Omar, the ethically-challenged anti-American bomb-thrower whose virulent anti-Semitism and membership in AOC’s “Squad” has turned off moderates. 

How worried are Democrats? 

They chose to send Biden to the land of 10,000 lakes to shore up support in a state that the Dems have normally taken for granted.  

Ellison the former congressman is a disciple of socialist fanatic Bernie Sanders openly supports ANTIFA, and has ties to anti-Semites including Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and is a rising star in state politics. 

The likely intent of Ellison and Walz was to force the cancelation of the rally but Trump isn’t going along with their scheme and will hold the event anyway for the limited crowd. 

That they would go to such extremes days before the election and at the risk of triggering a backlash at the polls is a sign of their mounting desperation. 

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Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar are activist Islamists working to take down our President and Block his Re-election. Ilhan omar enter America illegally, she lied to immigration and naturalization. She married her brother to get him in. She infiltrated our Congress and has alliances with HAMAS and BROTHERHOOD. She is continually working to destroy America and MUST BE DEPORTED back to her country where her father was wanted for war crimes.