DeSantis Tells GOP to Concentrate on LOCAL Elections, Especially School Boards, Because the Children Are Our Future

We all realize how important the upcoming GOP election season is. But as we head into election season, most of us want to know, which ones should we be most focused on. Is it The House of Representatives, the Senate, Gubernatorial and state elections, which one? many of them are up for reelection.”

With increased voter attention on school boards, this means that people are finally paying attention to what’s being taught in the schools and the elections that control their curriculum.

DeSantis said, “But I think what we’ve found is that these are some of the most important elections that we’re able to vote on. I think you’re going to have a huge amount of voter interest in these August and November elections for the school boards in the various counties.”

Speaking later on why the school boards have become so unpopular recently, he hammered them for their pandemic responses, saying, “It’s not what the parents wanted to be done. It’s not what the kids wanted to be done. And that, I think, is really the problem, when you run saying you’re going to do certain things, acting like you’re going to represent the values of the community.”

Emphasizing that the focus needs to be on those races DeSantis then said, “I don’t know that I ever got involved in school board races before, but we’ll be involved this year. We want to help people; they’re going to help our kids.”

Governor DeSantis has a valid point. While national-level races get all of the attention, particularly the president, or Senate races, it’s often what happen at the local level that really matters.

Sometimes these small local elections determine more about your life than the far-away major elections. But, in the case of school boards, it’s usually a relatively small elections with few votes case that determine what your kids learn and whether they’ll actually be educated or will instead have to listen to leftie propaganda all day.

So, conservatives need to win those races and ensure that the GOP is heavily represented at the local level. Desantis’ advice to focus on local elections, particularly school board elections, is quite good. If the children are the future, then control over what they learn is incredibly important.

And remember, these opportunities to help are in every state, not just Florida, come on America, let’s take control of our school boards and give our children the education they deserve.

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