DeSantis: “If You Get the Vaccine But Still Can’t Act Like You’re Immune, What’s the Point?” (VIDEO)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is asking the question that most Americans with common sense are asking. This entire vaccine nonsense makes zero sense to anyone with a functioning brain.

They want you to get the vaccine, but still say you can get Covid-19, oh and you should still wear a mask also and socially distance. Then what in the blue hell was the point of even getting the vaccine?

Fortunately for Floridians and Americans, one person in a position of power is willing to stand up to the madness — Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. Ever since he became the first governor to lift all statewide COVID restrictions back in September, DeSantis has been the epidemiological elite’s public enemy number one.

“If you get a vaccine — the vaccines are effective — you’re immune and so act immune,” DeSantis said during a news conference in Lakeland, Florida, on Friday. “If you tell people the opposite … if it’s not effective for them and it’s not going to change anything, then what’s the point of going through it?”

More than anything, this is because he proved them wrong.

Despite prediction after prediction that DeSantis had purchased his state a one-way ticket to doom, Florida has performed remarkably well.

His state ranked among the top 20 lowest unemployment rates in the country in March and fell roughly in the middle of the spectrum in terms of COVID-19 cases by state per 100,000 people since the middle of January — an incredible feat considering the fact that Florida has one of the oldest populations in the country.

It’s apparent that this entire vaccine situation is nonsensical, and is just about making people feel better. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has even been halted due to blood clots, and who knows what’s wrong with the other two. To make a long story short, this is a very strong flu, but of course believe the media that the flu has somehow been eradicated because of hand washing and masks. Why didn’t they think of this years ago?

You’d have to be a special kind of stupid to get a vaccine, still wear a mask, still social distance, and still make yourself miserable. The numbers in Florida and Texas alone show that masking up is actually prolonging this insanity. Get rid of the masks, and live your life America!

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9 months ago

I for the life of me can’t understand why people still agree to get this vaccine.