Derrick Hamilton Tells Joe Rogan How Police Framed Him For Murder and a Corrupt Judge Helped Cost Him 20 Years of His Life [VIDEO]

Derrick Hamilton spent 20 years in prison over false murder charges by corrupt New York police officers, and he is finally exonerated and free thanks to teaching himself law over those 20 years.

In fact, Derrick is so good he’s even teaching law classes now. Unbelievable right?

Derrick joins The Joe Rogan Experience to tell his story about how New York Police framed him not once, but twice. Yes, you read that right, not once but twice.

Derrick explains how they forced witnesses to lie, he proved it, and the judge admitted it and still wouldn’t let him free until a parole board in 2009 asked why he was in prison, and stated “the judge even says you’re innocent.”

“I was convicted, I was sentenced to 25 years to life, and it was at that moment I knew I had to study law.”

“In 1987 the appelate division in that case found out that the judge had no evidence what so ever, that me or anyone acting in my behalf had threatened this witness or done anything improper. And that the judge was right and there was no evidence that can prove that. So they reversed the conviction, and I was able to get out after six and a half years.”

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But the story continues…

“Unbeknownst to me, there was a rogue cop by the name of Louis Costella who felt that I didn’t do enough time for this conviction, he didn’t like the appellate courts decision. Eight months later I was in Newhaven, Connecticut at a unisex laundry mat that I owned at that time, he came in that store and arrested me and told me that I was going back to New York for murder.”

“Man I’m like murder his can’t be true, I was like again, how many times is this going to happen. Went to New York, I was processed, about a year later I went to trial, I was convicted. They brought a witness in by the name of June Smith, who said that she was present at the murder when her boyfriend was killed, and that I had a gun in my hand and I shot this individual several times with this gun. But her original statement to the police said she wasn’t there. She was around the corner at the store. When she came back her boyfriend was dead. The Jury never heard that statement.”

Can you believe this?

“The ballistics evidence proved that this guy was shot with two different guns, and he wasn’t shot in the building where she said he was shot at, that he was shot outside in the street. Despite this evidence, I was convicted. After I was convicted was when I learned that she had first told the cops at the crime scene she never saw the crime, but she had told it to a different detective.”

WATCH the fascinating interview below!

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