DENIED! Trump Administration Cancels $929 Million for California High-Speed Train

The Transportation Department has followed through on the threat after California scaled back plans for the troubled High-Speed Train/Rail project.

The Trump Administration has carried out its first thread to cancel nearly $1 Billion in funding for California’s troubled high-speed rail project The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

In a letter on Thursday to the head of the California High Speed Rail Authority, Federal Railroad Administrator Ronald Batory confirmed they had cancelled the funding.

“It is now clear that California has no foreseeable plans, nor the capability, to pursue that statewide HSR System as originally proposed,” Mr. Batory stated.

He then added that California “is chronically behind in project construction activities and has not been able to correct or mitigate its deficiencies.”

Perhaps California’s Governor will stop pardoning illegal alien felons to help them avoid deportation by ICE? Perhaps he will stop creating sanctuary cities to help illegals avoid United States immigration laws? When you don’t follow the rule of law, things like this happen Mr. Newsom.

Do you agree with the Trump Administration pulling the funding for the out of control project with no end in site for liberal California?

You can read more from The Wall Street Journal HERE.

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4 years ago

Liberals are going to be jumping from buildings if this keeps up. Now you have to look up and down while walking around liberal shizz holes.

Neil E. Miller
Neil E. Miller
4 years ago

trump has absolutely no forsight or desire for mass transit or green cars.