House Democrats Solidify 2020 Voter Fraud by Federalizing Elections to Override State Laws

Despite the fact the country is screaming for forensic audits, and Maricopa County is looking like a slam dunk case for fraud and decertification, the illegitimate cronies the audits are meant to expose have been hard at work concreting all their illegitimate power in. HR-4 to federalize state elections managed to pass the House. Well, of course it “passed” no matter how bad it is for the People, Congress has too many commies and gutless RINOs these days that would rather cash in on book deals than defend the Constitution and represent the People. If the Senate shoots it down this time, they’ll just rig more senate races next time to make sure they eventually get their way, which is exactly what will happen if we don’t fix election fraud by the next midterms. The Bill is deceptively called the “Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021” and it’s meant to give the corrupt DOJ power over the states and their election laws. In other words, if you live in a freedom loving state that has voter ID laws to validate and protect your elections…the Federal government under the Biden regime (and you know they will) can step in and declare your law “discriminatory” and override it with whatever they want.

Ah, now does it makes sense why they want it? It’s not enough to steal and control the swingable battleground states, they want your freedom and rights from all 50 no matter how red it is….and they’re going to take it. All the People wanted was a national forensic audit to see if their votes mattered (because it’s looking like they didn’t) and all we got was solidified fraud by the same crooks suspected of cheating to win in the first place. This is tyranny, and the only way to fix it is to audit every state.

If you’re interested in helping me push for an audit in my Battleground state and land of massive political corruption of Nevada, you may do so by demanding it from the elected (but probably technically not) officials below:

SOS Barbara Cegavske: 775-684-5708

AG Aaron Ford: 775-684-1100

Governor Steve Sisolak: 775-684-5670,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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Paul Weber
Paul Weber
11 months ago

The simple way around most of this is for the states to purge their voter rolls following each election, every two years, then everyone who wants to vote can register for the next election.

11 months ago

HR 4 is blatantly unconstitutional. Control of elections is vested in the States by the Constitution. Under Article II, Section I of the Constitution, further confirmed by the 12th Amendment, the federal government has one election job — setting the national date for voting and certification by the Electoral College. Governors have no federal or state authority over elections, nor do state judiciaries. The liberal media and leftist activist class have no role at all. Although our country has veered from other enumerated powers and subsidiarity, the responsibility of state legislatures to direct election protocols is foundational and authoritative. It… Read more »

Bob Samuel
Bob Samuel
11 months ago

seems to me Americas are ready to live like Christians in Middle East.