Democrats Planning to Tax Americans Even More If They Win Again in November

Democrats are getting so brazen, especially after their disastrous Inflation Reduction Act passed on Friday. Now it appears Democrats are wanting to pass more tax burden onto the working American tax payer. This is why the majority held in the House of Representatives must be overcome in the November midterms.

Even with their brazen ways, it was surprising that a key Democrat just gave away their plans if they keep the House. This was done on Friday by Democratic Representative Richard Neal (MA), the powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, when he suggested that the House would increase tax rates if his party remains in power after the upcoming midterm elections this fall, according to a congressional reporter.

According to the reporter Neal said, “I do think there’s a chance here to address some fundamental tax reform issues.”

Just wondering, have you ever noticed how Democrats use buzzwords and phrases like “tax reform.” “invest,” “fair share,” and other softly spoken ideas? Their sole purpose is exploiting and pandering to the left, when in reality, they mean “tax increases,” spending more taxpayer money and/or increasing the national debt,” and “sticking to the rich.”

And rank-and-file Democrat voters eat it up every time.

If you remember the late comedian George Carlin who said it best, ” Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” The Democrat Part has known and exploited that reality for more than six decades.

Eric Wasson, a congressional reporter for Bloomberg News reported, “Neal said the Democrats will attempt to raise both corporate and individual tax rates in 2023.

This should scare the hell out of every American voter, not just Republicans. Given the negative reaction to the Democrats’ ridiculously named Inflation Reduction Acts, that more than 230 economists have warned will actually increase inflation, particularly in the short run, when Americans hurt by Biden’s disastrous policies are hardest hit, why would a powerful Democrat lawmaker pledge and/or threaten to increase taxes even more if his party maintains control of the House?

It makes one wonder exactly who Neal thinks is going to be thrilled by his revelation that the evil rich can never be taxed enough.

Who was Neal playing the arrogant tax-increase threat to, Republicans, or an arrogant promise to the Democrat base? It was to every American taxpayer.

As leaders from both parties continue to play their games, it is time they know that American taxpayers know they are being misled. They know who is paying the bill, because they are. 

These elite group of people that are being paid to represent their constituents is the same bunch that hasn’t balanced a budget since 19997-1998.

We appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for their contributions in this article.

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