Democrats Move to Hold Barr in Contempt For Following the Rule of Law

We all know that the Democrats have a political agenda in mind, and it’s not what’s best for the American people.

Scott Wong for The Hill reported late Monday night that House Democrats are voting next week to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress. Why you might ask?

Because he’s refusing to hand over Grand Jury information that implicates multiple ongoing cases. Oh, and it’s ILLEGAL.

That’s right, the Democrats are going to vote to hold William Barr in contempt because he’s obeying the law. That’s how corrupt the party has truly become.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw fired this response off to the Democrats idiocy.

“We’re really doing this? We’re all supposed to just ignore the fact that Barr is bound by federal law to protect grand jury information? Are we pretending there might be some bombshell hidden in there? This is dishonest politics meant to discredit Barr.”

The President’s son Don Trump Jr. chimed in as well with his thoughts on the matter.

“Sounds just like the Democrats to try to hold someone in contempt for ACTUALLY FOLLOWING FEDERAL LAW!!! At this point it would be hard for anyone to not have contempt for Congress!”

If there’s one thing the Democrats stand for, it’s breaking the law. They’ve proven that from Hillary Clinton’s emails and destroyed devices to James Comey clearing her for no reason. They love breaking the law of the land.

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