Democrats BLOCK $250 Billion to Help Small Businesses, Senate Adjourns Until Monday

The Democrats have yet again slapped the working class in America across the face. The small business bill to send an additional $250 billion to help those in need has been quashed by the Senate Democrats.

The Democrats are more concerned with giving your hard earned tax dollars to illegal immigrants, and thus the reason for the blockage of the bill.

Democrats quashed a GOP-sponsored addition to the small-business bailout, insisting that the increase must include assistance to others, too. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell adjourned the chamber till Monday.

That’s right, those others are illegal immigrants and NON U.S. Citizens.

On Thursday McConnell tried to approve the GOP measure by a unanimous vote, as few senators were left in the Capitol. But Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) objected, quashing the legislation.

Senate Democrats Thursday thwarted a Republican plan to add $250 billion to the government’s small-business-lending program, insisting that the bill also include aid to hospitals, healthcare systems, state and local governments and food-assistance programs.

Businesses have complained that they can’t easily wend their way through the complicated system to get loans and that not enough money is available.

You can read more from our friends at The Street.

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