Democrats, Basketball, and Investigations

The Democrats are back at it again. Another investigation of President Trump. They lost the Mueller investigation, they lost the senate intelligence committee on Russian collusion, and for all intents and purposes they lost the house intelligence committee investigation too (Pencil Neck Schiff is a joke).

And here we are. Another day, another investigation. The masquerade continues. The Dems take L after L after L, and the mainstream media lets them get away with it. People have a very short attention span, and when the election comes the goal is to paint the fact Trump’s been investigated during his entire presidency, not the fact the investigations have gathered 0 evidence of anything – nothing, nil, zero.

So how does this relate to pick-up basketball? Growing up, people play first to 11. You lose the first game, you say “best of 3,” you lose the second game “best of 5,” and so on and so on. The moment your opponent says no, you call them out and ask them if they’re afraid. It is a constant situation where you have the upper hand, even if you’re down in the series 150-0 (“best of 301”).

Democrats know what they are doing with their tactics to continue these investigations. They can continue to lose and never really lose. The media gives a free pass to the democrats and they know they’ll get away with these tactics. It is absolutely perfect until you understand the objective, then you realize it is absolutely BS.

So we are on to the tax return battle after Democrats lost the election and every other investigation we’ve come to. We’ve left the healthy tree with the juicy fruit (Russia Collusion) and are now onto the low hanging fruit of tax returns (think rotting apples with worms crawling out of them).

The Democrats have a contingency plan for everything. If they actually thought they would find something in the tax returns, you could bet that would’ve been started a long time ago (or at least in January when the new congressional term started). They need the cycle to continue to not take the “Official L” on the entire thing. When this doesn’t pan out, expect another investigation to pop up out of nowhere.

This is the playbook of the Democrats. Simplistic yet effective for its purposes. One play, on repeat, with unlimited play attempts until you are successful.

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