Democrats Admit They Delayed Key Legislation on CoronaVirus

In a shocking new admission, Chuck Schumer revealed why Democrats were urged to delay critical legislation in the Senate, claiming they had done so in order to make sure language was added that would prohibit any government funding from going to President Trump’s businesses. 

The emergency coronavirus stimulus bill was held up in the Senate a total of three times due to Democrats in the chamber. Republican Senators say the absence of that particular provision was oversight, and both parties were reportedly in agreement with adding the change in order to come to an agreement.

This means the $2 trillion dollar economic relief bill that was passed late Wednesday night was delayed over something as little as an omission that could have possibly resulted in President Trump’s hotels getting help from the federal government.

Check out what the Washington Examiner reported below:

Senate Democrats held up a $2 trillion economic relief bill in response to the coronavirus because Republicans tried to omit language restricting the amount of money President Trump’s businesses would receive as part of the deal, according to a report.

The two parties had a deal in place to include language that would place strict limits on the Trump’s Organization’s access to the economic relief funds, but the language was not included in the language

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer broke this news in a statement to Politico, trying to justify his colleagues inexcusable actions.

“We told Republicans it was unacceptable to omit strict prohibitions on Trump businesses having access to the Treasury lending, as well as critical transparency measures, and that we would hold up the bill until they included them in the final text.”

“They relented, and these important accountability provisions were successfully added to the final bill,” he added.

According to the Washington Examiner, a source from the GOP said the omission was an error and language to prevent Trump’s businesses from getting money was agreed upon by both in a bipartisan manner shortly after.

President Trump was previously asked by a reporter if his businesses that were passed onto his sons’ would be receiving help from the government, and he quickly shut down speculation on the matter.

“I don’t know. I mean, I just don’t know what the government assistance would be for what I have,” he said.

“I have hotels. Everybody knew I had hotels when I got elected. They knew I was a successful person when I got elected, so it’s one of those things,” he added.

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Delayed to prevent blatant corruption and grift. Jesus.
You cultists will do anything to protect your leader