One clear winner has emerged so far from the Democratic presidential contest and that is President Trump, according to the President and his advisers.

That’s the thinking among Republican strategists as Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren face off today in New Hampshire’s primaries.

It seems a two-way race between Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg appears to emerge ahead of today’s Democratic primary,  yielding what they see as a best-case scenario for Trump.
Trump’s advisers are still skeptical of Sanders’ odds of winning the Democratic presidential nomination. But even if he does not, they are looking to help fuel divisions within the party in hope that Sanders’ supporters will stay home in 2020, or even vote for Trump if they feel the Democratic Party unfairly denied Sanders the nomination.

A race against Buttigieg would be a more traditional campaign, while a campaign official said Sen. Elizabeth Warren would be a more ideal opponent than Sanders for Trump, because she shares similar policy ideas but doesn’t have a similar set of political strengths.

One unknown variable: former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, where there has been limited head-to-head polling on Trump vs. Bloomberg, since Bloomberg began his national ad spending blitz.

Regardless of who claims the Democratic nomination, Trump’s campaign plans to use the same broad attack to characterize his fall opponent as having policies that would hurt the economy.

For additional information visit our friends at NBCNews.

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