Democrat Party Will Dump Joe Biden Well Ahead of 2024, Bank on it!

Democrat politicians are scattering to unknown places when Biden is headed their direction. They are all very careful to not be associated with the ineptest president in history. It is very evident the Democrat Party is terrified by the prospect of Biden seeking reelection.

According to Powerline’s Steven Hayward, a political commentator and policy scholar, in his analysis titled “Pincer Movement to Dump Biden Taking Place,” Hayward believes the Democrat “pincer movement” has three parts.

Hayward noted in his analysis, that it’s pretty clear that the left is organizing to dump Joe Biden when it becomes evident that he’s a certain loser in 2024. Rather than waiting for a Ted Kennedy-like figure to challenge him in the 2024 primaries, which would likely doom Democrats to certain defeat, the left will need to push him out early, and clear the calendar for one or more Democrats to organize a serious presidential campaign. (It is clearly certain Democrats know Kamala Harris is a hopeless candidate).

There really isn’t a towering Ted Kennedy-like figure in the Democratic Party today. It is worth recalling that in the summer of 1979, as Kennedy was considering a challenge to Jimmy Carter, a steady stream of Democrats all quietly urged Kennedy to run, including more conservative Democrats like Scoop Jackson and Pat Moynihan, to further left figures like John Culver and Frank Church. Their motive was the same—they wanted to save their own skins. (And in fact, Culver and Church went down in the Reagan 1980 landslide.)

First, we can expect a steady drumbeat of media stories such as the latest from mainstream political reporter Ronald Brownstein. His latest headline:  “Is Biden a Man Out of Time?“ What Brownstein’s article makes clear is that the media and the Democratic base wish Biden would be even more aggressively leftist and polarizing.

Frustrated Democrats openly claimed last week of Biden’s initial reactions to the Dobbs ruling and avoided broader condemnation of the Courts decision and direction or legitimacy, and didn’t pursue proposal in changing its structure.

And many Democrats share a sense that on all these issues, abortion included, Biden and his team have been following, not leading.

But to frustrated Democrats, the administration’s cautious response to the abortion decision is further evidence that Biden’s roots in an earlier political order have left him slow to acknowledge, much less respond to, the radicalization of the Trump-era GOP. The growing chorus among the president’s internal critics is that even if Biden was the right man for beating Trump, he has become the wrong man for combatting Trumpism.

And Brownstein didn’t bring up anything about Biden’s age, which is another real concern for most Democrats as, other problems like indirect attacks about the general failures of the administration. Last week Politico ran a long piece about what a terrible press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is turning out to be, as an example.

The second part of the pincer move will be party insiders who start publicly dumping on Biden. Last week it was David Axelrod, the impresario of Barack Obama’s rise to power. Appearing on CNN, Axelrod said that “There is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he’s not in command.” ‘Not in command’ is a euphemism for you-know-what.

Then there is the polling data, which will be the third part of the pincer move to oust Biden. The worst polling news for Biden right now comes from a new Harvard-CAPS/Harris Poll that finds 71% of respondents don’t want Biden to run for a second term in 2024.

The Hill reports, “President Biden may want to turn again but the voters say ‘no’ to the idea of a second term, panning the job he is doing as president. Only 30% of Democrats would even vote for him in a Democratic presidential primary,” Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll said. 

The development comes as Biden continues to suffer low approval ratings. The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey found that the president has an overall approval rating of 38%, with respondents giving him low marks on handling inflation (28%), the economy (32%), stimulating jobs (43%) and reacting to COVID-19 (50%), among other issues.

Running a poll so the media can then call it “news” is a premier example of what Daniel Boorstin called a “pseudo-event.” Look for the pace of Bad-News-for-Biden polls to increase in frequency and intensity. It becomes a self-reinforcing feedback loop for party insiders like Axelrod and the media alike. Every new poll gives them the opportunity to provide “analysis” that all points in the same direction.

You can expect these three pincers to show up every week in the news cycle from here on out, likely accelerating after the midterm election.

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They should be dumping him and Kamala now.