Democrat Mayor Arrested for Stealing Votes

A Democratic mayor in a sanctuary city caught stealing votes in an election has been arrested and is facing serious charges.

According to local news outlet North Jersey, the mayor of Elmwood Park was arrested on Monday and charged after authorities said he interfered in the 2017 mayoral election.

On Sunday, one day before he was arrested, Frank Caramagna resigned from office.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said that between March 2017 and November 2018, Caramagna allegedly filled in ballots of other registered voters.

The office’s investigation revealed that Caramagna “had interfered with the secrecy of the election process by completing portions of the Application for Vote by Mail Ballot, Primary Election Ballot Certifications, and General Election Ballot Certifications of registered voters,” the release said.

Caramagna was Elmwood Park’s first Democratic mayor in nearly 50 years after longtime mayor Mayor Richard Mola died in October 2016.

Robert Colletti served as the interim mayor after Mola passed away after serving for 45 years as the mayor.

Here’s more from North Jersey:

Colletti was also Caramagna’s opponent in the 2017 election. It was a close election, with Caramagna receiving 2,348 votes and Colletti 2,030.

The tally was even closer before mail-in, provisional and absentee votes, with Caramagna holding only a three-vote lead after Election Day.

Caramagna was released from the Bergen County Jail on Monday. He did not immediately respond to messages left for him.

Elmwood Park Borough Administrator Michael Foligno said they are taking steps to appoint someone to serve as the mayor until a special election can take place.

“It’s a bit of a shock,” Foligno said. “I’ve known Frank Caramagna for many years in his capacity as a council person and then as mayor. But we’ll move forward as a community and as a governing body.”

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