Democrat House Censures Congressman Paul Gosar for Anime Video That Offended AOC

In a story that was buried among the Kyle Rittenhouse case, Zac Stacy, and Kamala Harris temporarily becoming President in an insane news week, you probably missed this story.

On Wednesday, the radical United States House of Representatives, lead by the Democrats censured Congressman Paul Gosar.

The Queen of drama in the House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went after Gosar for posting an animated video that depicted him killing her with a sword, an extraordinary rebuke that highlighted the political strains testing Washington and the country.

Democrats called the video a clear threat to AOC’s life and argued that Gosar’s conduct would not be tolerated in the workplace, and shouldn’t be tolerated in Congress.

The vote to censure Gosar, and also strip him of his committee assignments, was approved 223-207, almost entirely along party lines.

In response, Gosar issued the following statement:

“President Trump called me his “warrior” for a reason.  I have been fighting for America First and against the Democrats’ efforts to destroy this country with open borders, drugs, illegal immigration and human trafficking all condoned and initiated by the Biden administration.  My team created a short anime video that depicts, in literary form, the plague of open borders and the people who promote and support it.  It is done in a superhero format with good guys and bad guys.   It flies through the air.  It moves fast.  But it does not incite violence.  It does not promote violence.  

“Even Twitter, the Left’s mouthpiece, did not remove the cartoon noting it was in the public’s interest for it to remain up. The cartoon directly contributes to the understanding and discussion of the battle taking place along the southern border resulting from Mr. Biden’s open border policies.

“If this cartoon “incites violence” and needs to be banned and me “punished” for it, then the Cartoon Network, Disney and all of Hollywood must be shut down and “punished” for all the cartoon and film violence they portray.”

Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the vote an “abuse of power” by Democrats to distract from national problems. He said of the censure, a “new standard will continue to be applied in the future,” a signal of potential ramifications for Democratic members in future Congresses.

Nancy Pelosi tried to claim there’s nothing political about it.

“These actions demand a response. We cannot have members joking about murdering each other,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “This is both an endangerment of our elected officials and an insult to the institution.”

Unrepentant, Gosar rejected what he called the “mischaracterization” that the cartoon was “dangerous or threatening. It was not.”

“I do not espouse violence toward anyone. I never have. It was not my purpose to make anyone upset,” Gosar said.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida said, “I would just suggest we have better things to do on the floor of the House of Representatives than be the hall monitors for Twitter.”

Spineless RINO (Republican in Name Only) Adam Kissinger of Illinois voted to censure Gosar.

“We have to hold Members accountable who incite or glorify violence, who spread and perpetuate dangerous conspiracies. The failure to do so will take us one step closer to this fantasized violence becoming real,” Kinzinger tweeted.

One can only imagine how these weak and pathetic excuses for public servants would have handled the likes of oppression from King George, or the battles America fought in the French/Indian War, or WWI, or WWII. They are pathetic disgraces to our Republic to which it stands.

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