Democrat Congressman Critical of Biden/Harris Border Policy Home Raided by FBI

The FBI in recent months routinely has staged multiple raids on suspects that all seem to have one thing in common: they have opposed or have criticized Joe Biden’s agenda.​

For example, a police union in New York was targeted after it publicly opposed Biden. Thos who opposed the administration’s Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination during school board meetings have had their homes raided. Then there are those many raids on people who sometimes did no more than attend a rally in Washington last year that preceded a riot at the Capitol.

Now the agency has raided the home and campaign offices of a Democrat in Congress, who has been very critical of President Biden.  The Washington Examiner reported the FBI confirmed being in the area of the home of Representative Henry Cuellar’s home in Texas this past Wednesday.

Rep. Henry Cuellar’s home and campaign office in Texas were raided as part of a federal investigation into the country of Azerbaijan and a group of U.S. businessmen who have ties to the country, a senior law enforcement official said Thursday.

The federal law enforcement agency’s officials revealed agents were doing “court-authorized law enforcement activity” in Laredo, Texas. But declined further comment.

The Examiner reported, “A reporter for the Monitor newspaper said federal agents were also seen at Cuellar’s campaign headquarters in the afternoon. The reporter, Valerie Gonzalez, shared photos taken at both locations on Twitter.

A statement from Cuellar’s office said he would “fully cooperate” in the investigation.

Cuellar has represented Texas’ 28th Congressional District since 2005 and is on the powerful Appropriations Committee.

The Gateway Pundit reported Cuellar “has lashed out at both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for allowing illegal aliens to pour over the border.”

In fact, Biden created a crisis at the border as soon as he took office by canceling multiple programs installed by President Trump that had proven at least partly effective in limiting the number of illegal aliens breaking into the U.S. across its southern border.

Those included the border wall project as well as President Trump’s strategy to have aliens wait in Mexico until their court hearings were held.

The moves by Biden broadcast to millions of people that the United States border was no longer being enforced, and since he took office an estimated two million have arrived there.

Biden appointed Harris to deal with the problem, but there have been no significant results.

Just weeks ago, Cuellar said, “I’ve moved on from vice president to say, ‘ok, let’s work with the ambassadors and let’s work with the State Department. Let’s work with the Homeland Security.

“I think that’s the way to address it, but I know that the media has put a lot of focus on Vice-President Harris, but with all due respect, she was given that title. I don’t think she’s, with all due respect, put the effort in there. We’ve got to look at other folks that have the expertise on that.”

The Daily Mail reported Biden appointed Harris to “deal with the root causes of migration,” so she didn’t even visit the border for months.

Then she took a trip to the norther triangle nations of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. More of a vacation than anything else in many people’s opinion.

The report said Cuellar had told his aides to help the vice president’s office with the issue, but he said his experience with her team was disappointing.

We appreciation the WND News Center for content in this article.

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