DEM FAIL: Independent Voters Now Oppose Impeachment After Hearings Flop

According to recent polling data conducted by Politico and Vanity Fair, Independent voters now oppose the impeachment of President Trump after the impeachment hearings were a total flop.

Prior to the impeachment hearings, Independents supported the idea of impeachment because they felt that President Trump committed a crime but their minds have clearly changed after the Adam Schiff impeachment hearings.

Check out what the Daily Caller reported:

After the first two weeks of public impeachment hearings62 percent of surveyed independents claimed the issue is “more important to politicians than it is to me” while 61 percent answered the same way when asked about the media. Conversely, only 22 percent and 23 percent answered the respective questions in the negative.

Furthermore – when asked to rank 11 issues as top priorities – impeachment placed last among independents, with just 27 percent ranking it as the top priority. For comparison, 74 percent selected the deficit, 72 percent selected healthcare, and 70 percent selected infrastructure spending as the top priority.

This data is quite shocking considering Independent voters’ support for impeachment has done a complete 180 in only a month.

The Daily Caller continues:

Vanity Fair’s data marks a drastic shift on the issue. In October, polling from Gallup found that 53 percent of independents supported removing Trump from office while 44 percent opposed. A separate Morning Consult poll conducted in November – prior to the public impeachment hearings – found that 49 percent of independents supported and 34 percent opposed Trump’s removal.

According to Gallup, independents make up 38 percent of the electorate in early November, a greater electorate than both Republicans and Democrats, which recorded 30 and 31 percent respectively.

The impeachment hearing were such a bust for Democrats that many think Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will not even hold a vote to impeach the president.

According to The Hill, “public opposition to impeachment has some Republicans … voicing skepticism that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will go through with a vote on impeachment.”

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