Delta Variant Could be Final Blow for Struggling Restaurants in America

As the late great Ronald Reagan always said, the scariest saying in the English language is “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

The government has been helping hundreds of thousands of small restaurants into poverty and bankruptcy with their Draconian mandates, limited seating, mask ordinances, take out only, etc. They have single handedly destroyed the largest workforce in the United States of America, and quite possibly the world.

A huge number or restaurants, and some of those which barely survived the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, are sounding the alarm that they cannot take another blow like last time.

State and local governments are drunk with power and out of control re-issuing mask mandates, and are halting reopening plans.

“We only get so many months of summer,” said Nya Marshall, owner of Ivy Kitchen and Cocktails in Detroit. “If we experience additional restrictions, social distancing and occupancy restrictions — a person only has so much fight in them. We can’t take another blow.”

I personally do not buy that Americans do not want to go out and eat. I believe there is around 25-30% of the population who truly want to be ruled. It’s sad, they can’t wait for government to rule them harder.

However the majority of Americans are fed up, and they want to be free. They want to live their lives, and they all have the same stance. If you ant to go out, go out, if you don’t, then don’t. But stop telling them how to live their lives because you are too scared to live like they are.

The hotel industry is an absolute joke. Restaurants never open, bars closed, gyms and pools not open, meanwhile people are paying 25-30% spikes in room costs. They are getting NONE of the amenities they are paying for, but paying more for the room itself. It’s absolutely sickening. People are fed up.

In June of 2021, sales soared to $70.6 billion compared to under $30 billion in June of 2020. Now the government and those scared to come out of their homes want America locked down yet again.

Eight states, along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have now issued indoor mask mandates yet again.

“The biggest issue right now is industry fatigue,” said Kathy Hollinger, president of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, after hearing Thursday afternoon about D.C.’s new mask mandate. “Downtown D.C. is still struggling, people are not back at their offices so we’re not seeing that lunch business.”

There is a chance that different restaurants will face different issues, given that the new CDC change is a recommendation and not a mandate. That means it could be implemented differently, said Erika Polmar, executive director of the Independent Restaurant Coalition, an industry lobbying group. She said there could be tension in the dining rooms that remain open if mask recommendations are imposed.

“Restaurant employees face the challenge of being the police with ever-changing guidance,” she said, alluding to the many documented instances of conflict between restaurant workers and would-be diners over masking rules. “This makes restaurant workers the bad guy and adds additional stress when guidance isn’t clear. What we’re looking for is permission to be cautious.”

Will this crush the restaurant industry in America to a level that it will never recover from? What are your thoughts?

Thanks to our friends at WaPo for contributing to this article.

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