Delta Airlines may lose $40 Million over severing ties with NRA members


Delta Airlines was set to save nearly $40 Million dollars on a tax break from Jet Fuel. When they announced they were severing ties with the NRA and it’s members last week, Georgia lawmakers said think again.

Many in the Georgia State Senate have stated they will not vote and give Delta anymore tax breaks. They chose sides one State Senator stated.

Former Georgia Senator and Lietenant Governor candidate Rick Jeffares stated the same sentiment on his Twitter account.

Sen. Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for governor who has long opposed the Delta tax break, called it proof that lawmakers “do the bidding of lobbyists.”

“Delta isn’t even worried about insulting a huge portion of voters who belong to the NRA,” said Williams, who on Friday tried to strip the jet fuel provision from the broader tax-cut bill. “They have their backroom deal in place & know the politicians can’t survive without their donations.”

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