Facing defeat in New Hampshire, Joe Biden is fleeing the New Hampshire primary late today to his supposedly stronghold in South Carolina.  Joe said earlier today “I’m going to South Carolina tonight and I’m going to go to Nevada after that”. 

He was listing the last two states that will vote later this month to reporters during a stop at a Manchester Dunkin’ Donuts.

Biden’s early decision to exit the state for South Carolina is his latest tactic in his strategy to shift the focus from his big loss in Iowa and his expected defeat in New Hampshire.  His campaign is throwing a “launch party” in South Carolina.

“I’m still mildly hopeful here in New Hampshire and we will see what happens.”  He also said that “from the beginning” his campaign urged voters and news media to consider the first four early states as part of one phase in the campaign.

For more information visit our friends at POLITICO.

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