Deep State breaks out UFO’s and Aliens to distract away from Washington take down!


As more and more Democrats and Hollywood Elites are taken down by the Trump Administration, the Deep State has now went as far to start talking about Aliens and UFO’s to distract from the real stories happening in our Nation’s Capital. Sadly some of the Mainstream Media outlets have even picked up on this topic, and are reporting it.

CNN, Politico, and the Failing NY Times continued their do anything to distract from the Truth Campaign with Tweets like these….

Rest assured, all of the distractions thrown at Patriots will not stop the take down of the corrupt Washington Elite. This ball has been put in motion for sometime, and it’s just a matter of time before they are systematically dismantled one by one.

Expect Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe to be fired this week or next week, along with a host of rogue agents who tried to stop the Trump Presidency from happening. America First Media will have the latest updates from the take down of the corrupt deep states right here on

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Jerrie Williams
Jerrie Williams
4 years ago

There better be more than just firing these bastards! I am sick to death seeing all the corruption and no one yet paying a price for it!

Kerri (@kerriburn)
4 years ago

They’ve been waiting for a doozy to use this one. LOL