Death Row Inmate Cuts Off Penis, Smears Feces on Wall During MELTDOWN Over Food Package

Well as you can see from the title, this won’t be a loss on society, this is just absolutely insanity.

Apparently a death row inmate in Tennessee engaged in significant self harm, including castrating himself, slitting his wrists, during a massive meltdown over a special food package that had been denied to him.

Apparently there are others who get pissed off when someone screws with their Chipotle. Who knew?

Some time earlier in the creepy month of October, Henry Eugene Hodges, 56, became violently outraged when his request for a special food package at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville had been refused.

According to Institution rules, inmates with a clean record for six months may request such a food package, but Hodges made his request about a month early, only five months into his good behavior streak, and was therefore denied.

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The denial allegedly sent Hodges into a rage, where he began smearing feces on his cell wall in protest. Guards then decided to deny him food altogether, likely to minimize the feces he could produce and then spread.

Hodges responded by slitting his wrists with a razor he had hidden, then he was put on suicide watch and was transferred to an infirmary. Can I ask why we’re putting someone on suicide watch that’s on death row? Serious question, and wouldn’t that save taxpayers an ass ton of money? Another serious question. Also, why is someone on Death Row not a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate).

With what I’ve just pointed out, is it any wonder that America and our politicians running it should all be fired for being complete and total morons?

His attorney, Kelley Henry, claimed that during his stay in the infirmary, a “high ranking correctional officer” told the person or persons treating Hodges that Hodges was manipulating them and that Hodges should be kept under suicide watch in his cell. Yeah, I’d probably agree with the high ranking officer at this point, and the fact this guys on death row, what in the hell are we wasting all of this money here for?

After being returned to his cell, the mental midget Hodges found a glass shard from a broken window and used that to cut off his penis during a two-hour standoff with prison guards. That’ll show them who the boss is, just cut off your wanker.

Hodges was eventually restrained and taken to Vanderbilt University medical Center, where medical teams were able to surgically reattach his penis. Wow, I wonder what that cost taxpayers in Tennessee? Whether he’s able to use the Frankenpenis we don’t know.

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Ms. Henry has been going off on prison guards, suggesting that they had neglected her clients mental health.

“He needs competent mental health care” and “is enduring ongoing psychiatric harm as a result of these conditions,” she said.

She also claimed that Hodges had been placed in 6-point restraints after 4-point restraints failed to prevent him from removing his catheter. Once he agreed to take medication, he was placed back in 4-point restraints but was still left naked on a thin mattress for reportedly as long as a week.

“Surely the prison can find a place to put him where he is not a danger to himself or others and does not have to be tied down like an animal,” Henry asserted. She said she intends to file a complaint with the state, claiming that the prison had violated Hodges’ constitutional rights.

Back in 1992, Hodges was convicted of a 1990 robbery and murder of Ronald Bassett, a phone repairman and sentenced to death. He is service a life sentence or murdering Michael Whisnant, a chemical engineer from North Carolina in an Atlanta hotel room and another life sentence for stabbing to death Barry McDonald, an Inglewood nurse, in 1989.

What a drain on society this asshole truly is. Put an end to him already Tennessee, good lord. Thanks to our friends at The Blaze for contributing to this article.

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