Dayton Landlord’s LEAKED Letter About CoronaVirus Layoffs: ‘If You Do Not Feel You Can Get a Job, Then We Suggest You Move Out’

During the Coronavirus pandemic, an online note expressing to tenants they must pay their rent or face eviction would not go over well with anyone.

The following comes from our friends at WHIO TV Channel 7.

A message went out to the tenants of Whitaker Properties that read..

“This is Whitaker Properties. Your rent is due on the 1st of the month. We are not giving any discounts or help. It is up to you to find a new job if you are effected by layoffs. If you do not feel you can get a job, then we suggest you move out.”

Gary Whitaker, member
Whitaker Properties

The landlord claims that the message was sent out by “computer hackers.”

Whitaker, landlord for Whitaker Properties, says a message causing uproar on social media was sent by computer hackers who accessed a draft on his computer.

Whitaker had sent the letter to his partners for approval before he intended on sending out to their tenants. He claims a text sent out to those living at the property was the work of hackers.

Whitaker admits to writing the drafted letter in a Youtube video,  saying portions could have been expressed with more sensitivity.

The mayor of Dayton, Ohio had this for comment on the eviction message that went out from Whitaker Properties.

“If you can pay rent, please pay rent, continue to do so because you will be evicted when this crisis is over.”

What are everyone’s thoughts on this situation?

You can watch the full video from WHIO TV Channel 7.

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