David Hogg’s Pillow Company Looks to Have Already Failed

Remember the kid who claimed he was a woke anti-gun activist who’s made his name on claiming he was somewhere he really wasn’t. Yeah, that guy David Hogg, he’s back in the news trying to compete with My Pillow CEO and founder Mike Lindell because of you know, wokeism.

Well a short while ago, Hogg went all out claiming he was going to start his own pillow company to put My Pillow out of business. That looks like it has officially failed miserably.

Hogg with his lovely liberal partner William Legate, who’s worked diligently to get conservatives banned on social media platforms, was on the begging train along with Hogg, looking for funding.

In case you forgot, they were pandering for ideas, names and funding. You can read about the insanity here.

As PJM’s Megan Fox reported last month, Hogg’s pillow company, despite being in the embryonic stage of development, (they didn’t even have a logo yet) was getting free publicity from the Washington Post. 

It gets even better though. Newsweek even gloated with glee about the fact that Hogg’s pillow company “already has more Twitter followers than MyPillow ever did.” They also went as far as to say that potential buyers “should be able to purchase the items in around a month.”

But what went wrong? Good Pillow’s website hasn’t been change in quite some time. The official Twitter account of Good Pillow hasn’t had a tweet in over a month. The last tweet was on February 10, and that’s when they reported that they were working to finalize a list of charity partners. In fact, the exact words were, “trying to finalize the list of charity partners will [sic] be launching with.”

So why would you need a list of charity partners to create a company to compete with someone just because you don’t like their ideas or ideology? That doesn’t sound like a great use of charity, does it? In fact, it sounds spiteful, vengeful, vindictive, and well quite frankly like every liberal in America.

The following is from our friends at PJ Media, and it shows that not only is this company going nowhere, but it doesn’t even look like it was a serious thought.

Check out what PJ Media found:

But there’s more to this sad story. Newsweek‘s gloating article made the mistake of noting that “A search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database does not reveal any new company being registered under the name Good Pillow or a variant.”

Well, as P.J. Gladnick at Newsbusters noted, “anybody reading that article would be alerted to the fact that Hogg and partner had not even bothered to register the name of their company. Therefore somebody who wanted to could go ahead and register that name, thus depriving Hogg of its use unless he paid (dearly?) for it.”

Well, it appears someone did: “A subsequent search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database reveals that on February 11, a day after the heads up provided by Newsweek, ‘Good Pillow’ was indeed registered by a Mr. Robert Holland of North Carolina. Congratulations, Bob! You might be the only person who ends up making money from ‘Good Pillow.’”

It looks as though Good Pillow peaked in early February, and now it’s toast. What are your thoughts America? Yet another pandering attempt from the spelling bee champion has failed.

Thanks to our friends at PJ Media for contributing to this article.

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