Dallas Bar Owners File $1 Million Lawsuit Against Gov Greg Abbott for Unconstitutional Closings

A group of bar owners in Dallas, Texas have filed a $1 million lawsuit this week after Texas Governor Greg Abbott made an unconstitutional ruling of closing bars in the state.

The bar owners argue that Abbott’s order violates the Texas Constitution and the Texas Disaster Relief Act.

Can you imagine being told that you have to close your business, and you have no way of supporting your families? That’s what the Texas Governor Greg Abbott did to the bar owners of the state of Texas.

Dallas bars STIRR, Citizen Uptown, Tiny Victory’s, High Fives, Island Club, and The Whisppersnapper were all forced to close, along with Play on West in Austin, and The Sie Street Bar in Terrell.

They are calling the bar shutdown “arbitrary, capricious, and lacking any rational relationship to any legitimate state interest,” that’s why they are suing.

The lawsuit alleges the following:

“Since the coronavirus pandemic struck this great state, Defendant Abbott has issued series of disparate, inconsistent, arbitrary, and scientifically unfounded orders that have not just handcuffed the legitimate efforts to fight the pandemic, but have exacerbated the problem by giving the citizenry of this great state the false impression that legitimate, well-reasoned, scientifically proven efforts have been, and are, being undertaken to east the threat that this pandemic poses. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

They also point out that no one in the entire state of Texas stand alone bar business was chosen by the governor to represent the industry on his COVID Texas Taskforce.

It also questions why bars located in hotels were not asked to close.

What are your thoughts on this, should bars be allowed to open?

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