Dad Catches Creeper Touching His 9-Year-Old Son and Takes Action by Breaking Guys Face

It was hard for us not to report on a pedophile having his face smashed in after being caught trying to touch a 9-year-old boy, so unlike the mainstream media, we couldn’t wait to report on this.

The evilness of adults preying on children in America is sickening, and it has to be stopped.

What makes this story pathetic, is this was a so called minister in Oklahoma, which children are taught to respect and trust, but it didn’t end well for this clown.

Michael Coghill was arrested after an adult witnessed and videotaped Coghill touching a child at a bus stop. The adult witness confronted Coghill and a physical altercation occurred.

September 22nd officers arrested 33-year old Michael Coghill on complaint of lewd/indecent act to child after reported incident and altercation at bus stop.

Coghill liked to jog past bus stops, which as you can guess are full of children who can’t go anywhere and can’t get away. Coghill ran his hand down the kid’s back, this made the child feel uncomfortable, as you or anyone could imagine. The kid told his Dad. The Father dropped the child off at the bus stop a few days later, but the Dad went to his car and waited. This is where the ass kicking commenced.

The Father saw Coghill attempt to touch his son again. The Dad sprung out of the car to confront Chester the molester and then a fight broke out. Fight is probably the wrong word. The dad fractured Coghill’s skull and cracked his orbital socket.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this the police showed up. Coghill has been arrested as you can see from the photo above. Touching children inappropriately doesn’t pay. We unfortunately don’t have any released footage of the beatdown, but if you do, send it our way!

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10 months ago

He got off easy!

10 months ago

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9 months ago

Nice. I didn’t read anything as to whether the Police arrested the Father on any charges or whether the suspect filed any. Si I guess it’s all good to go to the trial!