Several top Republicans have spoken out Tuesday to share their criticism of California Senator Kamala Harris, the vice-president running mate chosen by Joe Biden.

President Donald Trump was at the top of the list saying during a press briefing that Harris was his “number-one pick” to be Biden’s running mate. The president said her support for socialized medicine, stance against fracking, treatment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his nomination hearings and polling numbers during the primaries were all reasons he was glad she would be the one debating Vice President Mike Pence. Trump also said Harris “lied” when asked about an anecdote the senator shared last year while addressing her stance on marijuana.

Chairwoma of he Republican National Committee suggested in a tweet suggested that Biden’s decision to choose Harris was evidence that the former vice president is not in control of his own campaign.”Kamala Harris’ extreme positions, from raising taxes to abolishing private health insurance to comparing law enforcement officials to the KKK, show that the left-wing mob is controlling Joe Biden’s candidacy, just like they would control him as president,” McDaniel’s tweet said.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California said on Facebook, “Kamala Harris wants to turn the entire United States into San Francisco.”

House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana said on Twitter, “Kamala Harris will say and do anything to please the radical left” and added in a statement obtained by The Hill that Biden “failed his first major test as a Presidential candidate” by choosing Harris.

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who chairs the House Republican Conference, also said on Twitter that Harris’ “radical leftist views-raising taxes, banning gun sales, taxpayer $ for abortion & illegal immigrant health care, eliminating private health insurance-would be devastating for America.”

In Harris’ home state, California GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson issued a statement that said Harris “epitomizes the extremist far left.”  “She has compared law enforcement to the KKK, wants to eliminate the private health insurance millions of families rely on and failed to keep California streets safe when it was her job to do so,” Patterson said.

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