Creationism Bill to Teach Bible Passes in Arkansas House, Headed to Senate

The Creationist Bill to teach the Bible has passed the Arkansas House of Representatives and now moves to the State Senate.

HB 1701 was passed with 72 yays and 21 nays. This bill sponsored by Mary Bentley would allow for science teachers to teach creationism as a theory, not just the evolution theory. It does not require them to, just allows it.

“I’ve had teachers in my district ask me if we could please make it available for them to be able to discuss some scientists that truly believe that the theory of creation should be taught in school,” Bentley said, adding that it could be taught along with the theory of evolution, not in place of it.

Democrat Deborah Ferguson questions the bills legality.

“It was decided by the Supreme Court in ‘87 that you could not teach creationism as a science. You could teach it in philosophy or religion class. So your bill specifically says it is to be taught as science, so why would we do this when the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that it is illegal to do that?” Ferguson questioned. Bentley responded by saying that the Supreme Court has changed its mind hundreds of times.

Ferguson also asked if this would allow for all religions to teach their creation theory in science as well.

“I think it’s open for debate, they have been debating this for thousands of years and I think our students learn more when they discuss it and debate it in the classroom,” Bentley said.

What are your thoughts America?

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1 year ago

Hey, works for me. Creationism is great science! Besides, the Demonrats do this stuff all the time, going against what the SC says and try to tweek it and run it back through the courts again.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and at least conservatives are doing it right, starting with this topic!!!!

God bless Arkansas!!!!!