CRAZY TRAIN: Sharon Osbourne Threatens Trump Campaign Over Use of Songs

Just when you thought the liberal left couldn’t get any crazier, Sharon Osborn had a “hold my beer” moment.

The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne made the remarks on Twitter on Thursday stating that the Trump Administration had better not use their music again.

What a way to alienate half the country, eh Sharon?

Here’s the statement from Sharon Osbourne:

“Based on this morning’s unauthorized use of @OzzyOsbourne’s “Crazy Train,” we are sending notice to the Trump campaign they are forbidden from using Ozzy’s music in political ads. Maybe @KayneWest (“Gold Digger”), @KidRock (“I Am the Bullgod”) or @TedNugent (“Stranglehold”)allow”

What do you say Kid Rock? Ted Nugent? Kanye? Any of you okay with having over 50% of America listen to your music while President Trump and his administration win re-election?

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