Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Says He Will Allow Protesting During National Anthem, Eric Trump HAMMERS Him

If you enjoy watching NFL football, get ready for a heavy dose of players and coaches kneeling during the national anthem.

After a Dallas Cowboys player confirmed that “America’s team” got the “green light” to kneel during the anthem, Eric Trump took to Twitter to declare the NFL “officially dead.” 

“Football is officially dead — so much for ‘America’s sport.’ Goodbye NFL… I’m gone,” Eric tweeted.

The report stated that Cowboys’ defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford indicated players on his team were given the official “green light” to take a knee during the national anthem before their games.

“We definitely [have] the green light on all that but also just trying to find something that’s going to make a boom,” Crawford said. “It’s not just going to be something that people look at it one time and kind of swipe by it, they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s great. The Cowboys did that,’ and swipe by it.”

The Washington Examiner report added:

Quarterback Dak Prescott said that the decision to protest before NFL games should be left up to the individual.

“We’ve had private conversations, and it’s about expressing yourself,” Prescott said. “I wouldn’t say it’s going to be about expressing one idea. That’s where we are in this country right now.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who was, at one time, against kneeling during the anthem, has turned over a new leaf on the subject in recent years and, in 2017, joined players on the field as they knelt for a moment of silence and stood with arms linked during the national anthem.

This is also disappointing because Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones had long been against anthem-kneeling protests, but apparently he was just saying that for the cameras.

Last month, Jones told reporters that he was hoping to find a “solution” with his players, where they could show respect toward the anthem while also letting their voices be heard.

“I knelt with our players, as you know, on a personal basis,” Jones said. “But as a team, we all knelt together before the anthem, and then we stood for the anthem to recognize what its symbol is to America. I thought that was good. That’s the kind of thing we’ll be looking to see if we can implement.”

But Jones almost immediately changed his tune, announcing last Friday that he was apparently going to cave to the radical Left and his players.

“That’s the great thing about America: Everybody has a difference,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan. “If our players are there, they are sensitive to and respect what America is as it relates to the flag. I’ll assure you that. I’d hope that our fans — and I think they will — understand that our players have issues that they need help on. They need help from the majority of America.”

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1 year ago

Oh yeah Jerry, they have issues we don’t have and millions of dollars as well. Give me a break. My family and friends won’t be watching your FB so good luck with that!