COWARDLY Antifa Threatens Upcoming Candace Owens Event in Philadelphia

Candace Owens is one of the strongest conservative voices on the planet. She speaks out, and she speaks the truth. The left unfortunately can’t stand her.

Recently, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an opinion piece entitled “The frightening effectiveness of black sellouts like Candace Owens,” which compared Owens to a “house slave.”

A few months ago, Owens and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk were in Philadelphia eating breakfast at Green Eggs Cafe when ANTIFA showed up and harassed them.

On Friday evening, The UPenn Statesman was made aware of a series of tweets threatening the coming appearance of Candace Owens at the University of Pennsylvania.

The UPenn College Republicans and The UPenn Statesman are hosting the conservative commentator on Monday, April 15. Over the past week, several members of both student organizations have noticed the removal of the flyers they had placed around campus, in addition to individuals going out of their ways to intentionally cover the Owens posters.

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