Covid Numbers Drop by 40% Across Florida with NO MANDATES in Place

That’s right, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is right yet again, and Florida is in good shape, despite never having any tyrannical mandates like Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci wanted.

The number of Covid-19 cases reported in Florida continued to plummet last week and so, too, did the number of people getting vaccinated, according to Friday’s weekly update from the Florida Department of Health.

Another 54,109 people in the state tested positive for the coronavirus during the week, according the report. That is 40.4% drop from the 75,998 new cases the prior week.

Another 2,340 deaths were reported, pushing the death toll to 53,580 state health officials said. During the previous week, the pandemic high 2,468 fatalities were tallied.

Keep in mind though as you read those numbers, that over 8,200 people die every single day in America. Over 3.2 million people die every single year on average in America, the majority not from Covid. The majority from Cancers, Heart Disease, and other things. So what the government isn’t telling you is that almost 60,000 people per week die in America, every single week. It’s called life, and you’re being played by fear.

Meanwhile, the number of people seeking vaccines dropped with just 109,265 state residents rolling up their sleeves. That is down 33% from the previous week and a 216% drop from a seven-day stretch in mid-August when infection rates were soaring.

An additional 2,929 county residents tested positive for the disease in the past week compared to the 4,588 who were diagnosed with COVID-19 a week earlier.

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CV19 is a HOAX!

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