Country Singer John Rich Debuts New Song ‘Progress’ and Immediately Triggers the Left (VIDEO INSIDE)

Last Friday, July 22, country music star John Rich posted on former President Donald Trump’s social media network, Truth Social, an announcement of his new MAGA-inspired song titled “Progress.”

In the songs lyrics, there is a variety of divisive subjects used by Rich, including in his view:

  • America’s replacement of religion with government
  • President Biden’s Build Back Better bill 
  • Immigration and the deaths of American soldiers during the Afghanistan evacuation 
  • How virus response measures encroached on freedom
  • And the shutting down of Main Street while Wall Street profited at all-time highs  

And Rich’s reaction to all this “Progress,” as he calls it, is to take it all and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

The opening verse to the song laments how there is a feeling of emptiness plaguing the country:​

There’s a hole in this country

Where its heart used to be.

Then it references societal division as symbolized by the burning of the American flag, while videos of fiery protests play in the background:

​Old Glory’s divided on fire in the street.

After that, he dismisses President Biden’s virus relief and response bill:

They say building back better, will make Americal great

If that’s a wave of the future all I’ve got to say is….

Then the chorus rings out, which underscores the MAGA meaning of the lyrics:

Stick Your progress where the sun don’t shine

Keep your big mess away from me and mine

If you leave us alone we’d all be just fine

Then another verse opens, drawing a contrast between open borders and the deaths of American soldiers:

They invite the whole world to come live in our land

And leave our countrymen dying in Afghanistan.

He weaves in criticism of America’s substitution of devotion to small-town Christianity and self-sustainability for devotion to big government and centralized decision-making:

They say let go of Jesus and let government save

You can have back your freedoms if you do what we say

They shutdown our pipelines and they shut down our voices

And they shutdown our main streets

And they shutdown our choices.

All before concluding with what might be considered a sort of right-wing rallying cry:

They bent us all over but it’s all over now

Because we figured it out

We ain’t backing down.

The Nashville-based Rich is no stranger to aligning himself with controversial conservative political figures. At the end of last year, he appeared on camera with The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, whose media company is based out of Nashville.

Here below is the music video for Rich’s “Progress,” which is now number 1 on iTunes.

Progress isn’t the first political song Rich has recorded.  A longtime conservative who supported Donald Trum in 2016, performed at a pre-inaugural concert with Big Kenny, the other half of Big & Rich. A frequent guest on Fox News, he co-wrote a song called “Shut Up About Politics” with the network’s Greg Gutfeld and also hosts the series “The Pursuit! with John Rich” on Fox Business Network. The show seeks to inspire and unite Americans around the rights articulated in the Declaration of Independence, especially the “pursuit of happiness,” he previously stated.

“You punch left, I punch right,” Rich sings in his 2019 hit, “Shut up About Politics,” continuing, “We’re caught up in the middle of a deep swamp fight. Some people lie, some people steal… and everybody’s talking ’bout the Green New Deal.'”

Below you can watch John Rich sing this hit featuring The Five.

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