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Costco Will Continue to Carry My Pillow Products and Honor Contracts Company Says

As many of you know and we reported here at The DC Patriot, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond among some others announced they would stop carrying My Pillow products because CEO and Founder Mike Lindell challenged what half the country did, the election results.

Mike is a friend of mine, and a true Patriot. He loves God and America, and before we get started any further, we fully support him in all of his efforts here at The DC Patriot. Mike gave me a promo code for all of you here to save you a ton of money on his products. So use code HOPE77 if you’d like to get some pillows today and support this ardent Patriot!

It looks like we’ve found a company that’s smart enough to not alienate half of America, and would like everyone’s business. On Sunday Costco announced they would be carrying his products, and will honor their contract with My Pillow.

The following is from MSN:

Tucked alongside promotional events on Costco’s website for men’s suits, mattresses and Vitamix blenders is MyPillow, the embattled pillow company.

Costco, in contrast to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wayfair and other retailers that announced an eventual stoppage of MyPillow sales, shows no signs of ending its “special events” despite MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s seeming support of President Donald Trump invoking martial law during the final days of his presidency.

The beloved wholesale retailer features “special events” showcasing MyPillow’s Giza cotton sheets, pillows and mattress toppers scheduled nationwide through the end of February.

A Costco representative told SFGATE: “We have contractual commitments to MyPillow that we intend to honor, as we seek to do with all of our suppliers.”

Well, we’ve found a place you can keep shopping for now America, it’s Costco. Thanks for doing the right thing, not the easy thing Costco, it’s sad we now live in a country where doing what’s right is considered brave.

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[…] Costco Will Continue to Carry My Pillow Products and Honor Contracts Company Says […]

1 month ago

Lindell took the stand let the consequences fall as they may

Vicki Smith
Vicki Smith
1 month ago

I guess I will renew my Costco membership after all. I was contemplating not renewing until I researched whether they were part of the corporations allowing this country to be destroyed. I am not renewing Sams Club because I no longer support Walmart. Thanks, Matt, for all you are doing.

1 month ago

I am soooooo pleased with that decision as Costco is one of my favorite places to shop♥️♥️

Cindy DeOliveira
Cindy DeOliveira
24 days ago

Won’t shop at Kohl’s anymore. Democrats and liberals are not the only ones who can cancel. I am sorry it comes to this. I support Mike Lindell and reject hypocrites such as the SNL DARRELL HAMMOND, JOHN MULANEY, PETE DAVIDSON, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. (FREQUENT GUEST STAR), ALEC BALDWIN and I am sure many others who have histories of substance abuse and plea for forgiveness and understanding from the public yet crucify Mike. I reject MSM who ignores the contradiction of the peace prize nomination and public call-outs of horrific BMC sponsored violence and terrorism throughout 2020.

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