Cory Booker Says Trump’s ‘About to Get Knocked Out’ by Biden & Harris Ticket

Insane radical leftist Senator Cory Booker was on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning making the media rounds calling the President a “bully” and even stating that “He’s about to get knocked out” by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

We’re not sure what kind of deranged world that Cory lives in, but we imagine its fascinating.

Jake Tapper asked this question on State of the Union Sunday morning,

“So let me ask you, President Trump and his campaign have been floating this false, completely false notion that Senator Harris, who was born in Oakland, California, in 1964, and is an American, may not be eligible to be vice president. Were you surprised when they started to do that?”


“This is something I think that many Americans know. I know for my family is when you have African-American women who are rising up in positions that there have never been African-American women in before that, people are going to viciously attack them on gender and race. The words, the gendered words that this president has been using about Kamala attacking her in extraordinarily awful ways just reflects the degrading language he’s used about blacks, about black and brown places, about congresspeople telling them to go back where they’ve come from when they were born in this country. This is nothing new, nothing surprising. What I don’t think Trump understands is that Kamala Harris has been fighting this fight her entire career rising to positions where she was the first African-American woman in time and time again. So if there’s anybody that’s ready for this kind of mess, it’s Kamala Harris. And so Donald Trump can pick a fight if he wants, but he is the proverbial bully in the playground that is about to get knocked out when he steps up against this dynamic duo that will beat him in November.”

The dynamic duo? Joe Biden doesn’t leave his basement or the state of Delaware, how is he going to lead a nation Cory? You can run America hiding in bunkers and basements, which is what the insane leftists always accuse the President of doing, which never has happened. The President has only been in a bunker a few times at the request of the Secret Service.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden literally refuses to take questions, do interviews, talk to the press, and the Democrats and Media are perfectly fine with it. If President Trump were doing this, the media would call him a coward. Bank on it.

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