Coronavirus Patients “Accidentally” Delivered to US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort in New York Officials Say

In what is nothing more than another insanely moronic event in New York’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak, this is sickening.

As many of you know, the USNS Comfort a massive hospital ship with over 1,000 beds and over one dozen operating rooms was sent to New York to help with patient overflow. This ship is for NON Coronavirus patients, especially since it is a wartime ship for our military.

The geniuses in New York “accidentally” sent Coronavirus patients to the USNS Comfort officials told us on Saturday morning.

Multiple patients infected with coronavirus were transferred to the hospital ship comfort from the Javits Center in New York by mistake, three US officials told Fox News.

The number of coronavirus patients brought on board the ship were said to be “less than five” according to US officials.

This is a developing story.

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