Conspiracy Crazed Pelosi Suggests McConnell Is Working For Russia (VIDEO)

Democrats no longer live in a reality-based world and it is largely due to the lies of their leadership figures that they have taken to conspiracy theories to explain their failure as a political entity. 

When the “unbeatable” Hillary Clinton was upset by political novice Donald J. Trump in 2016, the party and its media mouthpieces refused to accept that their candidate was widely despised and that their policies were out of touch with America. 

Instead they embraced loony fables of Russian election meddling, Trump as being in cahoots with Vladimir Putin and all manner of boogeymen so paranoid that they could have been plucked from the height of 1950’s Cold War hysteria. 

The great Russian collusion hoax was eventually debunked when poor old stammering Robert Mueller delivered his testimony to Congress last summer but Democrats are still clinging it to explain away their political toxicity. 

And on Sunday morning, Nancy Pelosi went there when the Speaker Of The House, the leader of the Democratic party and person third in the line of succession to the presidency suggested that Mitch McConnell was a Kremlin stooge. 

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