Conservatives Enraged as Trump Endorses Liberal Dr. Oz for United States Senate in Pennsylvania

In yet another terrible endorsement by the 45th President of the United States, conservatives are now starting to shake their heads at some questionable and quite honestly insane endorsements from their favorite president in decades.

As you will remember, President Trump endorsed RINO Morgan Ortagus over the choice of his voters Robby Starbuck who has the endorsements of Candice Owens, Rudy Giuliani, Matt Couch, Zuby, Brandon Tatum, and countless others in the movement.

The Ortagus choice was heavily criticized by conservative influencers and voters. Here’s a video where Ortagus calls Trump a “middle school pubescent boy” and yet somehow he still endorsed her? Really Donald? This was in 2016, and shows her true feelings.

Here’s Ortagus again calling Trump “disgusting”

Now bring in Dr. Oz, who’s been a liberal his entire existence, besties with liberal icon Oprah among others. With a track record of backing transgender surgeries and treatments for children. Now Trump has endorsed Oz as well, and conservatives are livid to say the least. The last thing conservatives need is another Murkowski, Collins, or Romney in the United States Senate voting with the Democrats.

The conservatives in Pennsylvania are pissed off too, and they didn’t hold anything back.

“President Trump was very out of sync in picking Oz,” said Dave Ball, chairman of the Washington County Republican Party. “I’d like to know who it is who lives in Pennsylvania that knows the voters well told Trump to pick Oz.”

“I think that President Trump very, very seldom does anything that’s not thought out and doesn’t have a very reasoned and logical basis, but, for whatever reason, in this particular instance, he chose to ignore all of that and endorse Oz,” he said. 

Ball says he fielded calls all day from conservatives unhappy with the former president’s decision. They complained about the reasons Trump gave — noting his celebrity status, Harvard credentials, New York Times bestseller status, and praise Oz had for the former president’s health. “People have been calling me all day and asking, ‘What the hell was he thinking?’”

If this wasn’t enough, here’s the show where Doctor Oz promotes transgender surgeries and drugs for children. Yes, we’re serious.

Dr. Oz is also part of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, one of those pushing for and behind the great reset.

So you see puppets, when you sit here and ask stupid questions like “why are you so upset Trump endorsed Dr. Oz?” Well, we have a a damn good reason to be upset as a movement. The real question is simple. Who in the hell is advising Trump on endorsements, because the level of terrible is out of control now.

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9 months ago

Ever think about he might have A Reason behind it 🤔you people sitting on that righteous attitude need to get your asses off the couch n pay attention to the boarder people. Instead of sitting around with your thumb up your asses and helping out the media and social networking