Congresswoman Says What We’re All Thinking About Joe Biden Being Mentally Unfit for Office (VIDEO)

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, a New York Republican, stated that President Joe Biden must be forced to take a cognitive test, just like former President Donald Trump was — which he took and passed with flying colors — as the incidents and errors from the president continue to add up, placing America in a precarious situation when it comes to dealing with other countries, as well as policies impacting the homeland.

“This is just a continued pattern,” the New York Republican said during a conversation with Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” pointing out that she’s signed on with Rep. Ronnie Jackson, R-Texas, the former White House physician under Trump, in a letter that demands Biden to be tested.

“I’m just surprised that his handlers, I call them the shadow government behind him that are actually running everything, continue to allow him to be on the public stage for people to see in plain sight,” Tenney continued.

The New York Republican’s comments come after Biden on Monday had a hard time walking around after planting a tree at the White House, which left him having a hard time knowing which direction to walk in.

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“Just before this incident occurred he got up in an interview and said that he was the one that got the student loan debt relief bill passed by a few votes,” the congresswoman stated. “He did that as an executive order and it was struck down by the court.”

However, it’s not just his cognitive issues, but he’s a “serial liar,” says Tenney.

“He’s a career politician known for corruption, who’s got a corruption scandal swirling around him,” said the New York Republican. “If it weren’t for the legacy media protecting him, he would be gone.”

“Meanwhile, Tenney said one of the “scariest questions” is what will happen if Republicans don’t take back the House and Senate majorities in the upcoming elections,” Newsmax reported.

“The Democrats are just looking away, like the emperor has no clothes, the old expression,” she remarked. “This guy is a disaster and they’re doing nothing. They’re just saying, Well we’re just going to shove through legislation. We’re going to do whatever we want, and this guy is going to follow along.”

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