Congressman Scalise ROASTS Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey About Hunter Biden Report

One of the toughest Congressman in America, and a survivor of a massive shooting in Virginia in 2017, Steve Scalise held nothing back going after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Friday.

Dorsey again admitted Twitter made a “total mistake” by blocking the New York Post story. But, he added that they “corrected that within 24 hours.”

Scalise was just getting warmed up.

“It was not to do with the content,” Dorsey insisted at Thursday’s hearing. “It was to do with the Hacked Materials Policy.”

Dorsey said that they have since changed the policy, which blocks articles that base information on “hacked,” or stolen, information. But, as Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) noted, Twitter still locked the Post out of its account for weeks, and accused the platform of “acting as a publisher.”

“It was literally just a process error,” Dorsey countered. “This was not against them in any particular way.”

“If we remove a violation we require people to correct it,” he added. “We changed that based on their to wanting to delete that tweet, which I completely agree with. I see it. But it is something we learn.”

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